Pleased to Meet You

When everyone you bump in to is pleased to meet you the world feels better, meetyou you smile more and the challenges you face seem easier to address. There are some easy steps to make this happen more often for you than it currently does. For example the saying ‘if you smile the world smiles with you’ is so often true and does help. When I was a young manager starting out in my business career I had a Singapore Chinese boss who told me I showed on my face all the strains and worries I was having as I struggled with challenges at work. He pointed out that this unsettles the team who work for me and that I should Ciberseguridad en Colombia try to wear a smile on my face at all times. He made reference to someone he had given this advice to ten years earlier who was now on the Board. I never made it to the Board but his advice was sound and wearing a welcoming smile when you are tense inside can help those around you feel better, like you more and all work harder together for your goal. viproza

Another tip is to know that Maui waterfalls when someone approaches you and you sense they do not like you it is something going on inside you. Often when you believe someone doesn’t like you you will transmit all sorts of signals consistent with the view you have. The signals you send are likely to make the other person uncomfortable and you create a vicious circle until you make your belief true. There are a number of possible interventions you can make here. One is to change your view and entertain the possibility the other person likes you. You can then emit the range of signals that go with that and see the beneficial result.

If this is difficult to do because your view is so strong they do not like you a different response is to ask them if they like you. If they do juoksuhirmu not then ask them to explain why and your job is to listen very carefully. Don’t judge but use the information as a helpful gift explaining to you what you would need to do to be liked by this person and people like them. Ask yourself how you can remain consistent with who you are and the values you hold and address the issues being raised. What you will actually find when you ask the question is that more than half the time you will find that people do actually like you. The problem was in fact just the thought you were having and not the reality at all.


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