Basics of a Wok Pan Kitchen Appliance

Among the widely used cooking appliances originating from China is the wok pan. The southern Asia and East Asia commonly makes use of this appliance. tossncook It is a round-bottomed cooking appliance, which has many uses. Do you know why this kitchen vessel is so important to you? Below is a brief outline of the cooking methods it supports:

• Steaming
• Deep frying
• Smoking
• Braising
• Soup preparation and
• Stir frying

As you can all see, a wok is a very versatile cooking vessel. Perhaps you do not have another pan in your kitchen that supports your cooking as this one does. Available to all interested shoppers are classic and modern wok pans. The traditional types have a round bottom whilst the latest models have different shapes. The older models come with a spatula for turning and tossing the food as you cook. Some have flat bottoms and they are almost similar to a pan you use for deep-frying. You can find this type of a wok in most Western countries.

The main reason for this is that you can conveniently use the flat bottom pan on top of your electric stove. The only problem with this pan is that it proves difficult for you to toss the food at the bottom, as you continue to cook it. When you want to buy a wok pan, it is very important for you to consider the size hoodpay of your family. You will use the pan to do most of the cooking in a variety of methods. Just to guide you, buy a 14-inch diameter wok for a family of three or four members. If your family is larger, you may want to buy the largest wok with a diameter of thirty-six inches. Between eight inches diameter and thirty-six inches diameter woks, there are different sizes of pans that you could buy.

Beyond one-meter diameter, you can only find commercial woks mainly used to boil fluids in hotels. Various features facilitate the functioning of the woks. The handles for panasiabiz woks are either stick or loop types. Many woks you are going to buy have loop handles regardless of the materials used to make them. In addition, you will notice that this handle style is common in exclusive metallic pans. Some of the handles have plastic or wooden covers to facilitate handling when tossing food during cooking. Other pans have a metallic loop handle. Another thing you will notice is that you will have to add effort when tossing the food with your hands.

The best thing is that the loop handles are sturdy as they are riveted. The long stick handles are made of steel and fixed to the wok itself by riveting or welding. You might get some woks with an extended stick handle from the wok itself. Peking pan is the other name for this style of wok pans. The materials for making this kitchen appliance are either cast iron or carbon steel. Most classic woks are made of cast iron. However, the pans you can cheaply buy are made of carbon steel.


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