Nine Places to Get The Latest Photonics Industry News

Photonics deals with how light is generated, how light is emitted from a source, how light is transmitted from one point to another, how light can be amplified or processed, AI marketing tools how different types of sensors detect light and how the detected light signals can be used.

Because of the broad range of applications, many people are interested in photonics for reasons that, at first, seem to have nothing in common. Some seek information on barcode scanner lasers, others on laser-based DVD or Blu-ray players, retroconsolas or the lasers used in eye surgery or cosmetics. Still others have interests in fiber optic transmission or quantum computer technologies currently being developed. Photonics is also behind military applications such as mine detection sensors, a new generation of gyroscopes, and various navigation devices.

The wide range of applications for photonics can sometimes create a barrier to accessing current information. Many information sources are highly specific and of little interest to readers looking for general information. Here are nine places to get the latest news on the photonics industry in a variety of subject areas: hashbangind


News stories, lapakpools research publications and product information for industry professionals and curious non-professionals can be found at, a site which covers a wide range of photonics applications.


Photonicsonline provides breaking industry news, feature articles, and product information pages on laser and imaging applications.


Floridaphotonicscluster offers current news from more than 40 member organizations in various areas of photonics.


OptoIQ offers current news, whitepapers and market analyses of trends in photonics. Free registration on the site gives members access to an e-newsletter that is customized to specific photonics interests.


Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) technology enables ultra-fast all-optical wavelength conversion, which is of interest to readers seeking information on the light-processing aspects of photonics.


Teamwavelength is the website for Wavelength Electronics, a company which manufactures laser diode components. Because the company produces components for hundreds of electro-optical applications, current news on their products is of interest to many photonics OEM researchers.


Electrooptics offers news on current photonics applications, technology and business opportunities.


Greenphotonicsguide is a site featuring the newest green photonics products and components.



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